Rental Terms

DRIVER`S LICENCE AND AGE : Validnationel or internationel driver`s licence held at east for two years and minimum 21 years of age for all groups.

RENTAL PERIOD : Minumum rental 24 haurs. Any rental period less than 24 haurs also reguires, a who day rate

RATES : Unlimited km Daily rate applies. No additional charge per km. Long term rental. Special rates and conditions apply for a minimum rental of 1 month. Rates are incilusive of all. Maintenance, third party insurance (upto ligal limits) exclusive of gasoline.

PAYMENT : Cash and Credit Cards are welcomed as medhods of paymed The andvance paymed should be at least 500 € or the egulvalent in TL. No advance payment required from the credit card holders, rental periods are calculated on 24 hours basis. In case of delay 1/3 of daily exceeding 3 hours is charged at daily rate.

INSURANCE AND ADDITIONAL DRIVER : Clients,s liability for collision damage for all groups is limited up to € 10. This liability can be waived with additional insurance payment. However. Collision Damage Walver is void if the driver is under the influence of alcohol and drugs has passed the legal speed limits,if Police Accident, alcohol reports and the damaged car are not cover the damages due to the misusage of car, and the damages caused by gross negligence.
If theft protections is declined, and of theft of the vehicle; if the vehicle is found within 45 days, the renter is responsible to pay the rental charges up to the date car is found. İf the vehicle is not fount within 45 days. The renter is responsible to pay the rental charges up to the date car is found. If the vehicle is not found within 45 days, the renter is responsible to pay the current value of vehicle .This insurance is volid; if Police report, the keys and documents of the car not retuned to the COMFORT CAR RENTAL office within 48 hours. Reguest for permission fort he additional driver should be made at the start of rental, otherwise insurance becomes volid.

TRAFFIC FINES : Legal responsibilities resulting from traffic violations icurred during the rental period charged to the renter.

OTHER SERVICES : Cars can berented with chauffours and tourist guides. International Car Rental reservation can be made with economic prices trough COMFORT CAR RENTAL Office.

ATTENTION! In case of accident +90 532 700 86 92 search please do not negleet getting Police and alcohol report without changing the location of the car. Otherwise the insurance shall be accepted invalid and the renter will be held fully responsible legally and financially for any damages and losses to the car as well as to third parties.

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